what's to know..?

Do you find yourself scanning page after page on Pinterest at night looking for all the pretty things you could use for décor and items you just know your best mate could build for you and for that perfect little gathering you’ll definitely be planning soon? I did and I finally realized it was time to accept my passion.


Simple & natural beauty is what I find most stunning with decor, look around it’s everywhere. With the right ambiance, natural lighting and simply elegant décor we can turn it into something that will leave a lasting impression. For me, true beauty lies in the what we give from the heart, in my culture, being humble and hospitable is something we’re groomed for and this is something I apply in my daily life.  

For the past 10 plus years I’ve worked as an operations manager where organization is of the utmost importance and timing is key. I thoroughly enjoy this type of work and as the years passed it sort of just trickled over into being a part of almost every social gathering I have attended, from weddings, bridal showers, birthday parties, dinner parties, fundraisers, proposals, anniversaries, reunions and all kinds of fun stuff. I love putting things together and watching everyone enjoy and appreciate the creativity that has forged from the great minds involved. Events take a lot of planning, so in no way would I ever make it sound “that easy”, some people are good at rocket science, I am good at getting stuff done.