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hello. aloha. talofa.


Pineapple Hospitality Events is a family owned and operated company that assists in 

coordinating and planning any type of event. It's not every weekend you host an event, therefore it's possible things may get overlooked. That's where we shine! While we walk through, talk through, visualize and prioritize how the day will flow, we keep your vision as our standard! It's your day and we want you to see it come to life. 

This all came to be by happenstance. We are a "get er done" type of company, but not by being pushy, we call it being assertive. Clear communication is key, with clients and vendors. Our priority is to make sure we understand everyone's role and how that plays out to your event, it's so important to us. 

So whether you're planning a family reunion, dinner party, holiday party or a wedding, we will be there every step of the way. So much so, you'll feel like we're family by the end of it. Like a 3rd cousin or so :) .. that's where this all stems from for us. Coming from a big family and always having events to attend, you learn from an early age how to be helpful and assist mom, aunties & uncles in the kitchen and setting up. Now look at us.. doing what we love and sharing it with you!

Contact us to see if we're available for your date!

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